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Arxis Technology

Intacct Integration Made Easy with APIs

Intacct News 01/24/2017
Intacct provides APIs that give you the Intacct integration flexibility to connect with other systems.

3 ways Scrooge could have used a cloud-based accounting system

Intacct News 12/19/2016
Ebenezer Scrooge, from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," could have benefited from cloud accounting software.

3 ways non-profits can improve their financial management processes

Intacct News 11/30/2016
Non-profit organizations can improve their financial management processes by upgrading to new tools and working with experienced partners.

Winter is coming: Are professional services firms ready for the new FASB guidelines?

Intacct News 11/21/2016
Is your professional services firm ready for the revenue recognition transition?

AP Automation:  Why automating your accounts payable solution just makes sense

Intacct News 11/15/2016
Automating your accounts payable process is the best thing you can do to cut processing times, improve invoice accuracy, and boost team morale.

Is your accounting platform ready for the spotlight?

Intacct News 11/07/2016
Ditch Excel for cloud accounting software to get your finances ready for primetime.

The FASB/IASB standards survival guide: What you need to know

Intacct News 11/01/2016
Need CliffsNotes for the FASB/IASB rev rec transition? We've got you covered!

Heed the omen: 3 signs professional services should move on from QuickBooks

Intacct News 10/24/2016
Noticing a longer-than-usual monthly close or difficulties with inter-entity transactions is the accounting equivalent of having a black cat cross your path.

'Night of the Living Spreadsheets': Why lumbering manual processes could doom your reporting

Intacct News 10/19/2016
Spreadsheets often spell trouble for efficient reporting

3 terrifying QuickBooks tales to keep you up at night

Intacct News 10/18/2016
What problems does QuickBooks create for your organization? Let's count the ways.

Embracing automation in professional services

Intacct News 10/10/2016
Professional services firms have plenty to gain from accounting automation.

Why rev rec changes will hit SaaS companies the hardest

Revenue Recognition Criteria 10/04/2016
SaaS companies face special challenges in adjusting to new rev rec guidance. What can they do to keep up?

Legacy accounting systems got you down? Take them to the cloud

Intacct News 09/27/2016
Don't let your legacy accounting systems hold you back. Upgrade to cloud financial software.

Deader than disco: Why spreadsheets can't handle today's budgets

Intacct News 09/22/2016
Excel sheets have tons of limitations. So why do finance teams still use them?

What you can do right now to improve contract management

Intacct News 09/20/2016
Contract management is becoming more complex with ASC 606. Here's how to adjust to the big changes.