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Arxis Technology

Arxis Technology

Cloud Financial ERP Consultant: The 4 Must-Have Qualities

Cloud Financial 09/21/2017
4 qualities to look for in a Cloud Financial ERP Consultant.

Looking to Implement Cloud Financial or CPM Software?

Corporate Performance Management Software 09/19/2017
Planning for cloud financial or CPM software implementation is a big step, however, and one that can’t be left to chance

Accelerate Your Business with Cloud Financial Management Software

Cloud Financial 08/15/2017
What is cloud financial software or cloud computing, exactly?

Let Intacct Cloud Financial and Salesforce Cloud CRM Do The Heavy Lifting

Cloud Financial 08/08/2017
Cloud financial and Cloud CRM are a perfect marriage of finance and sales: two sides of the customer coin.

3 Ways Intacct Cloud Financial Software Transforms Accounting

Cloud Financial 06/06/2017
Three ways Intacct cloud financial software can transform your finance and accounting into a powerhouse of insight and efficiency.

Intacct Cloud Financial Software Named Leader by G2 Crowd

Cloud Financial 05/09/2017
Intacct Cloud Financial Software: Named leading best-in-class provider, scored a big win in the Spring 2017 Accounting Software Report from G2 Crowd.

Arxis and Intacct Cloud Financial Implementation Labeled a Success

Cloud Financial 05/02/2017
Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Company (PLLC) labels Arxis Technology and their Intacct Cloud Financial implementation a success!

Your Top Talent is Using Intacct Cloud Financial. Are You?

Cloud Financial 03/23/2017
Most accounting professionals are familiar with Intacct Cloud Financial, and if you need top candidates, so should your organization.

Intacct Cloud Financial First Quarter Release - What You Need to Know

Cloud Financial 03/21/2017
Intacct’s first release for 2017 includes important features that will help your organization automate key financials and operations.

Cloud Financial Software vs. On-Premise ERP: What's the Difference?

Cloud Financial 03/16/2017
Three Ways Cloud ERP Trumps On-Premise ERP Software

How to make non-profit accounting as easy as 1-2-3

Cloud Financial 08/16/2016
Non-profit accounting doesn't have to be difficult. Here's how to make it easier than ever.

QuickBooks 2013 sunset: A golden opportunity for a cloud upgrade

Cloud Financial 08/09/2016
QuickBooks 2013 was recently sunsetted. This is a great opportunity to upgrade to cloud financial software.

How software integrations help handle sales tax changes

Cloud Financial 07/08/2016
Sales taxes are in constant flux. How can merchants keep up with all of the changes?

Unlocking SaaS metrics: The key is cloud financial software

Cloud Financial 06/30/2016
Metrics reporting: Why SaaS is so different from traditional software.

QuickBooks Alternative: Successfully migrating from QuickBooks to a cloud ERP system

Cloud Financial 06/25/2016
Data cleansing is an important step on the migration path from QuickBooks to cloud ERP.