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Arxis Technology

Accelerate Your Business with Cloud Financial Management Software

Cloud Financial 08/15/2017
What is cloud financial software or cloud computing, exactly?

Let Intacct Cloud Financial and Salesforce Cloud CRM Do The Heavy Lifting

Cloud Financial 08/08/2017
Cloud financial and Cloud CRM are a perfect marriage of finance and sales: two sides of the customer coin.

3 Ways Intacct Cloud Financial Software Transforms Accounting

Cloud Financial 06/06/2017
Three ways Intacct cloud financial software can transform your finance and accounting into a powerhouse of insight and efficiency.

Intacct Cloud Financial Software Named Leader by G2 Crowd

Cloud Financial 05/09/2017
Intacct Cloud Financial Software: Named leading best-in-class provider, scored a big win in the Spring 2017 Accounting Software Report from G2 Crowd.

Arxis and Intacct Cloud Financial Implementation Labeled a Success

Cloud Financial 05/02/2017
Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Company (PLLC) labels Arxis Technology and their Intacct Cloud Financial implementation a success!

Your Top Talent is Using Intacct Cloud Financial. Are You?

Cloud Financial 03/23/2017
Most accounting professionals are familiar with Intacct Cloud Financial, and if you need top candidates, so should your organization.

Intacct Cloud Financial First Quarter Release - What You Need to Know

Cloud Financial 03/21/2017
Intacct’s first release for 2017 includes important features that will help your organization automate key financials and operations.

Cloud Financial Software vs. On-Premise ERP: What's the Difference?

Cloud Financial 03/16/2017
Three Ways Cloud ERP Trumps On-Premise ERP Software

How to make non-profit accounting as easy as 1-2-3

Cloud Financial 08/16/2016
Non-profit accounting doesn't have to be difficult. Here's how to make it easier than ever.

QuickBooks 2013 sunset: A golden opportunity for a cloud upgrade

Cloud Financial 08/09/2016
QuickBooks 2013 was recently sunsetted. This is a great opportunity to upgrade to cloud financial software.

How software integrations help handle sales tax changes

Cloud Financial 07/08/2016
Sales taxes are in constant flux. How can merchants keep up with all of the changes?

QuickBooks Alternative: Successfully migrating from QuickBooks to a cloud ERP system

Cloud Financial 06/25/2016
Data cleansing is an important step on the migration path from QuickBooks to cloud ERP.

Preparing for changes to revenue recognition: Why to use cloud ERP software

Revenue Recognition Criteria 02/25/2016
Revenue recognition has undergone big changes in recent years. How can accountants best prepare for the future of this critical process?

How to find just the right 'flavor' when selecting cloud accounting software

Cloud Financial 02/11/2016
Like ice cream, financial software platforms come in many flavors, and there's a lot to consider when choosing the right one.