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What March Madness brackets reveal about document management and accounts payable

Cloud Computing Trends 03/23/2016
Old-fashioned accounts payable workflows are as inefficient and challenging as filling out a March Madness bracket by hand.

How to Measure ROI on Your Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Computing Trends 03/07/2016
How should you calculate ROI on your cloud financial software, compared to what you used before?

How 'Office Space' makes the case for cloud accounting software

Cloud Computing Trends 02/16/2016
The classic film "Office Space" proves that legacy accounting systems are too risky and costly to maintain for today's businesses. Cloud is a superior option.

Reboot your ERP system in 2016 with cloud financial software

Cloud Computing Trends 01/04/2016
Let's look at how you can move on from your legacy ERP system in 2016.

ERP Past, Present and Future: Breaking Down the Benefits of Cloud ERP

Cloud Computing Trends 12/01/2015
ERP has come a long in it history. Cloud ERP is now pushing it to new heights.

Rebooting the manufacturing industry with cloud ERP software

Cloud Computing Trends 11/16/2015
Manufacturing is a field in constant flux, but its financial tools and processes have not kept pace.

SMBs should make the cloud financial leap and take their accounting to the next level

Cloud Computing Trends 10/20/2015
Switching to cloud financial software can look like a risky proposition from afar, but the real risk is in sticking with outdated tools.

How cloud financial software can break the cycle of expensive accounting

Cloud Computing Trends 10/13/2015
SMBs often struggle to minimize the long-term costs associated with outdated accounting tools. Fortunately, cloud financial software provides the solution.

Should your SMB rent or buy its cloud financial management software?

Cloud Computing Trends 10/01/2015
"Rent or own?" is a common real estate question, and one worth asking about financial software, too.