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Arxis Technology

How to Scale Revenue Management for Subscription-based Businesses

Arxis Educates 12/20/2017
How to scale revenue management, billings, collections, controls, and reporting.

Revenue Recognition Software: Boost Inventory and Contract Management

Arxis Educates 12/14/2017
Flexible contract management and revenue recognition software boots inventory control.

Entertainment Accounting Software:  5 Ways to Win the Competitive Edge

Arxis Educates 12/12/2017
Entertainment accounting teams face a rapidly challenging business environment. Entertainment accounting software can help them adjust.

Cloud Financial Software:  Top 4 Transformation Technologies

Arxis Educates 12/06/2017
Deep integration with cloud-based Salesforce CRM also streamlines contract management software.

How AP Automation Solutions Frighten Away Paper-based Inefficiencies

Arxis Educates 11/29/2017
By enforcing strict adherence to business rules, AP automation reduces the risk of B2B fraud.

Goodbye, Spreadsheets. Hello, ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Compliance!

Arxis Educates 11/22/2017
If you have revenue coming in from even a handful of contracts or subscriptions, however, achieving compliance using legacy tools will be difficult—if not impossible.

Revenue Management Audit and ASC 606:  4 Ways to Save Time

Arxis Educates 11/16/2017
Getting audited is a painful revenue management time drain—especially all those hours spent hunting down information that auditors want.

New ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Standard Automation

Arxis Educates 11/14/2017
How will your company adopt the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard will you use a full retrospective approach or modified retrospective approach?

New Revenue Recognition Standard: How Automation Gets Billing in Sync

Arxis Educates 11/07/2017
If your business uses subscription- or contract-based billing, the ASC 606 revenue recognition criteria has added chaos to an already overworked finance team.

Countdown to ASC 606— Get Compliant with Revenue Recognition Software

Arxis Educates 11/02/2017
Learn how revenue recognition software automates ASC 606 compliance.

Prestigious Stevie Award Won by Sage Intacct for Revenue Recognition Criteria Solution

Arxis Educates 09/29/2017
The transition to the new ASC 606 revenue recognition criteria guidelines doesn’t have to be stressful for contract management or subscription-based businesses.

Revenue Recognition Criteria: Want ASC 606 Compliance?

Arxis Educates 09/26/2017
The quote-to-cash process is more complicated than ever, thanks in large part to ASC 606 compliance, the new guidelines for revenue recognition criteria.

Spreadsheet Alternative: How to bust out of spreadsheet prison

Arxis Educates 01/19/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.

Revenue Recognition Criteria: Spreadsheets + ASC 606 + IFRS 15 = Nightmare

Arxis Educates 01/18/2017
Why using spreadsheets for reporting under the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards is going to be close to impossible.

Revenue Management Criteria: What will the post-FASB update world look like?

Arxis Educates 01/06/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.