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Prestigious Stevie Award Won by Sage Intacct for Revenue Recognition Criteria Solution

Arxis Educates 09/29/2017
The transition to the new ASC 606 revenue recognition criteria guidelines doesn’t have to be stressful for contract management or subscription-based businesses.

Revenue Recognition Criteria: Want ASC 606 Compliance?

Arxis Educates 09/26/2017
The quote-to-cash process is more complicated than ever, thanks in large part to ASC 606 compliance, the new guidelines for revenue recognition criteria.

Spreadsheet Alternative: How to bust out of spreadsheet prison

Arxis Educates 01/19/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.

Revenue Recognition Criteria: Spreadsheets + ASC 606 + IFRS 15 = Nightmare

Arxis Educates 01/18/2017
Why using spreadsheets for reporting under the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards is going to be close to impossible.

Revenue Management Criteria: What will the post-FASB update world look like?

Arxis Educates 01/06/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.

Accounting and CPM software: A dynamic duo for your finance team

Corporate Performance Management Software 12/14/2016
Accounting and CPM software offer automated processing, an end-to-end perspective, and trustworthy results.

What should SaaS companies look for in an accounting platform?

Arxis Educates 12/05/2016
Here's what SaaS vendors should look for in an accounting platform.

Sage HRMS: Your ticket to superior human resources

Arxis Educates 11/09/2016
Sage HRMS is a modern HR solution that tightly integrates with Sage 300.

How do non-profits know when it's time to ditch QuickBooks?

Arxis Educates 10/10/2016
Non-profits need to know when it is time to move on from tools like QuickBooks.

Cloud accounting software: The ticket to success in entertainment

Arxis Educates 05/18/2016
Entertainment companies face a rapidly challenging business environment. Cloud accounting software can help them adjust.

Implementing cloud financial software, part 2: Revitalizing a project

Arxis Educates 04/29/2016
If you have a cloud project that didn't get off to a good start, an implementation partner can help you restart it and get more out of it.

Implementing cloud financial software, part 1: The difference a partner makes

Arxis Educates 04/21/2016
When implementing cloud financial software, an implementation partner can be the difference between success and failure.

Rebooting the manufacturing industry with cloud ERP software

Cloud Computing Trends 11/16/2015
Manufacturing is a field in constant flux, but its financial tools and processes have not kept pace.

Financial management software makes decision-making easier

Adaptive Insights News 10/27/2015
It's worth thinking about whether simply sticking with what you already have could actually make things more complicated in the long run.