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Arxis Technology

Non-Profit Accounting: Intacct Dimensions Improve Transparency for the Non-Profit Industry

non profit accounting 02/02/2017
Intacct Dimensions improves visibility for non-profit financials by allowing you to “tag” transactions and operational data.

Intacct Integration Made Easy with APIs

Intacct News 01/24/2017
Intacct provides APIs that give you the Intacct integration flexibility to connect with other systems.

Film Accounting in the Cloud: A Game Changer

Adaptive Insights News 01/23/2017
A look at film production accounting in the cloud for the entertainment industry reveals that entertainment companies have overcome security concerns.

Spreadsheet Alternative: How to bust out of spreadsheet prison

Arxis Educates 01/19/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.

Revenue Recognition Criteria: Spreadsheets + ASC 606 + IFRS 15 = Nightmare

Arxis Educates 01/18/2017
Why using spreadsheets for reporting under the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards is going to be close to impossible.

Film Accounting Software: 3 CPM Features Entertainment Companies Will Need in 2017

Adaptive Insights News 01/11/2017
CPM software has plenty to offer entertainment firms in the new year.

Revenue Management Criteria: What will the post-FASB update world look like?

Arxis Educates 01/06/2017
The transition to the new revenue recognition guidance is fast approaching. Here's how you can prepare.

3 ways Scrooge could have used a cloud-based accounting system

Intacct News 12/19/2016
Ebenezer Scrooge, from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," could have benefited from cloud accounting software.

Accounting and CPM software: A dynamic duo for your finance team

Corporate Performance Management Software 12/14/2016
Accounting and CPM software offer automated processing, an end-to-end perspective, and trustworthy results.

What's on your budgeting software wish list?

Adaptive Insights News 12/14/2016
A better approach to budgeting and forecasting is on the wish list of many SMBs.

What should SaaS companies look for in an accounting platform?

Arxis Educates 12/05/2016
Here's what SaaS vendors should look for in an accounting platform.

3 ways non-profits can improve their financial management processes

Intacct News 11/30/2016
Non-profit organizations can improve their financial management processes by upgrading to new tools and working with experienced partners.

Winter is coming: Are professional services firms ready for the new FASB guidelines?

Intacct News 11/21/2016
Is your professional services firm ready for the revenue recognition transition?

3 reasons your finance team is thankful for CPM software this season

Adaptive Insights News 11/15/2016
There are many reasons for finance teams to give thanks for CPM software.

AP Automation:  Why automating your accounts payable solution just makes sense

Intacct News 11/15/2016
Automating your accounts payable process is the best thing you can do to cut processing times, improve invoice accuracy, and boost team morale.