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3 Ways Intacct Cloud Financial Software Transforms Accounting

Published: 6/6/2017 9:00:00 AM

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“What’s in it for me?” is perhaps a poor choice for a life motto, but when it comes to investing in your company it should be the first question you ask. This is especially true if you’re wanting to modernize your financial accounting software from a task-based operation to a more strategic one. In the recent Intacct cloud financial software webinar, Cloud Financial Software: What’s In It for You?, the professionals at Arxis Technology demonstrated three ways Intacct cloud financial software can transform your finance and accounting into a powerhouse of insight and efficiency. 

The three challenges growing organizations face 

Be More Strategic with Cloud ERP Accounting Software

Growing pains affect everyone and everything from adolescents to accounting departments. These are three of the most common for growing businesses on an upward trajectory:

  1. Unreliable reporting: If your current, legacy system likes to hold data “hostage,” it’s almost impossible to get accurate answers quickly. You likely spend way too many hours in Excel to get the insight you need. As a result, decisions are either delayed or made on instinct—and neither approach inspires confidence.
  2. Manual business processes:  So much accounting and finance happens in a world of paper, spreadsheets, and emails. Repetitive processes cost valuable time and inhibit growth. Highly skilled and highly paid employees spend their entire workday on menial tasks and don’t have enough time for value-added responsibilities.
  3. Poor integration:  Most businesses rely on numerous applications that don’t integrate well—or at all!—causing you to check and double-check your work. It takes more time, people, and, yes, spreadsheets to get the job done. And you still may lack confidence in the answers.

To 2017 and beyond! Intacct puts your financial accounting on the fast track for growth 

At Arxis, we work with accounting and finance professionals who either use entry-level apps or legacy, on-premise solutions with robust functionality but limited reporting and visibility. Both sets of users—and you—want the same things:

  1. Improve visibility: You want real-time insights into key data, not only for your accounting team but also for external stakeholders who need self-service access to information in an easily digestible, intuitive format. Intacct provides unmatched visibility into your business. You can set up accurate, customizable dashboards for any stakeholder, from controller to the VP of finance. Charts, graphs, KPIs—it’s all there. And you can drill down to detail level, getting the information you want, how you want it.
  2. Automate key processes: It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets, reduce or eliminate paper, and do away with those manual processes. Doing so frees your people to do what they do best and offer real value to your organization. Intacct streamlines financial accounting, especially for businesses with multiple entities and that support multiple currencies. It automates key processes and easily provides consolidated operational and financial reports for even the most complex organizations.
  3. Streamline integration: Your ERP or accounting system should easily integrate with other key solutions that keep your business running. The Intacct Marketplace provides existing integration with hundreds of sources, such as Salesforce, Concur or Nexonia, travel and expense, Adaptive Insights budgeting and forecasting, AP automation, and more. Beyond that, you can use Intacct’s web API to create reliable connections easily.

Intacct Cloud Financial Software delivers a crowd-pleasing user experience

It’s a multi-tenant cloud financial solution that gives clients immediate access to new capabilities.

Intacct combines these features for a user experience that is second-to-none. It’s a multi-tenant cloud financial solution that gives clients immediate access to new capabilities. Instead of fretting about hardware maintenance or manual updates, customers can focus on their business. With Intacct, software updates are completely user-transparent and work with all integrated apps.

With all these capabilities, it’s no surprise that Intacct earned the highest customer satisfaction score of any mid market ERP vendor in the latest G2 Crowd Accounting Software Report.  Let the technology experts at Arxis help you experience and accelerate your success with Intacct cloud financial software.  To learn more, watch the webinar today.