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Unique Challenges in Film Accounting Require Unique Technology

Published: 6/20/2017 9:00:00 AM

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Capturing data and monitoring the many moving parts of film accounting in media and entertainment businesses aren’t simple. From tracking production costs to calculating royalties and budgeting, the financial transactions alone are difficult to manage, especially during periods of growth.

Strong financial management is essential when monitoring the true costs of projects or understanding your actual cash position. However, tracking costs is virtually impossible when relying on disparate systems or elaborate spreadsheets. Download “5 Brilliant Ways Media and Entertainment Companies are Building Competitive Advantage” to see how other media and entertainment businesses are using modern business solutions to transform accounting and finance operations and build a competitive advantage.

Financial-Controls-Automation-for-Entertainment5 Ways Film Accounting Technology Will Transform Your Media and Entertainment Business

You can have dependable financial information, without overburdening IT or making a huge investment in technology. Modern cloud financial solutions, such as Intacct and Adaptive Insights, are transforming the media and entertainment industry. Here are 5 ways these solutions will transform your business:

  1. Automate common processes: Avoid double-entry into multiple applications and spreadsheets with a comprehensive, integrated solution. Intacct and Adaptive Insights will automate data entry, increase accuracy, shorten monthly close cycles, and streamline reporting.
  2. Empower teams with data: Gain instant visibility into performance and use key metrics to monitor specific projects and business strategies. Armed with real-time data, your team can respond faster to change and make forward-looking, data-driven decisions.
  3. Connect best-in-class applications: Media and entertainment businesses need powerful CRM, payroll, and other best-in-class solutions. Integrate critical systems and funnel data into one, centralized solution to get the full picture of operations, projects, and profits.
  4. Avoid IT distractions: IT teams are often pulled in many directions, leaving little time for back-office support. Cloud-based systems eliminate the distraction of routine maintenance and upgrades, while adding a new layer of security.
  5. Work with industry leaders: Partner with industry experts that understand the nuances and complexities of the media and entertainment industry. Arxis experts have worked with many small and large businesses and will provide guidance on improving productivity today, while building a solid foundation for your future.

You can have dependable financial information, without overburdening IT

Businesses in the media and entertainment industry are unique, with complex operations. You can solve many unique challenges by replacing or integrating disparate software with a comprehensive cloud financial solution. Let us know if we can answer any questions about transforming your financial management with the cloud.