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Let Intacct Cloud Financial and Salesforce Cloud CRM Do The Heavy Lifting

Published: 8/8/2017 9:00:00 AM

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Intacct + Salesforce:  A Perfect Marriage of Leading Cloud Financial and Cloud CRM Software

Ah, the joys of subscription billing. So many customers, so many different billing and pricing models, so many changes to suit customer requirements. Then there’s the thrill of decoupling revenue recognition from the billing process. All these strain the capacity of your finance team and increase the chance for errors. Relief is here, thanks to the integration between Intacct cloud financial software and Salesforce cloud CRM.

Finance and sales: two sides of the customer coin

Be More Strategic with Cloud ERP Accounting Software

Many of these problems are caused by a disconnect between sales and finance. Too often, each department lives in its own silo, linked only by email and an Excel spreadsheet or two. The quote-to-cash process requires multiple data entry into multiple systems, increasing the chance for errors and inaccuracies. Finance is required to manually track billing and revenue recognition, and reporting is fragmented and cumbersome. All this leads to lost revenue, auditing issues, and customer dissatisfaction.

The integration of Salesforce CRM and Intacct cloud financial demolishes barriers between sales and finance. Now you have a 360-degree view of your customers, a streamlined quote-to-cash process, and tighter collaboration between the department that makes the numbers and the department that manages them. Here’s how: 

Point-and-click integration

The Intacct cloud CRM Integration is pre-built on the Salesforce1 platform, easily connecting processes, data, and people. Integration is a matter of point, click, and connect—there’s no need for expensive third-party integration, IT support, or custom consulting.

No more blind spots

Tight and complete integration ensures Intacct and Salesforce are always up to date with the latest information, including product and price lists. Sales teams can verify pricing in real time and get visibility into the timing and financial impact of revenues, renewals, upgrades, and more—all from within your CRM system.

Better conversations

With email, the conversation is disconnected from the system and the data. Salesforce Chatter, embedded right inside Intacct, documents and links the conversation to the data in question. Now your sales and finance teams can better communicate, and your business can run more effectively.

Effortless efficiency

Fully automated, paper-free, order-to-cash process

Get a fully automated, paper-free, order-to-cash process: Convert Salesforce cloud CRM quotes into Intacct orders with a single click, and automatically trigger invoicing and revenue recognition. This lets your finance team focus on exception management and other critical issues. And with Intacct Project Accounting software, you can create and track customer projects from the Salesforce account screen, then drill down to see individual project details.

Lighten your load with Arxis and Intacct Cloud Financial

Intacct’s Salesforce integration combines the best-in-class CRM application and the best-in-class cloud financial software, automating burdensome processes and giving you a full view of each customer. Let the experts at Arxis Technology help you realize the benefits of Intacct and Salesforce even faster—give us a call today.