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Top Finance Leaders Demand Integrated ERP and Business Budget software

Published: 10/17/2017 9:00:00 AM

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Today’s finance teams are awash in information flowing in from disparate systems and spreadsheets. In such a chaotic environment, data is prone to error and unreliable. Bad numbers lead to inaccurate planning and reporting. That’s why enlightened finance leaders know that to drive their business forward, they need the best budget software available and an unbreakable integration with their ERP system.

Best-budgeting-software-for-active-planningBusiness budget software Integration allows the data to move automatically between these two systems, so you can spend more time understanding and analyzing your numbers, not shuffling them from place to place. Plus, tight integration reduces errors, frees up finance’s time from low value-added tasks, and accelerates month-end reporting cycles.

Business Budget Software:  Increase team productivity and reduce error risk

Automated data flow gives you consistent and reliable access to transactional data from your ERP system. The numbers in your model and reports are up to date and accurate. You don’t need to worry if you uploaded the right CSV file or if someone broke a formula in one of the hundreds of spreadsheets you used to consolidate. Since the data is coming directly from the source, you know you are working with the real numbers. This frees up your team to add more value through analysis, inquiry, and gaining insight into your business.

Look for finance-managed, purpose-built integration

Finance leaders want the right type of integration—the kind that comes with cloud-based systems.

Enlightened finance leaders not only want integration, they want the right type of integration—the kind that comes with cloud-based systems. Integration between cloud solutions like Sage Intacct ERP and Adaptive Insights CPM/budgeting software empowers business users, not just IT, to manage and maintain their data in the platform. A click-not-code approach for calculations and transformations saves time but also is accessible for finance users who are comfortable with formulas and math, but don’t want to have to write in code. In addition, cloud-based integration was designed and built to support extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) scenarios for incorporating data with your models, forecasts, and dashboards to drive corporate performance.

Faster Implementations and Lower TCO

With a purpose-built and finance-managed integration platform, your implementations will be faster than if you try to manage your data manually or use other general-purpose ETL tools managed by other departments. That will give you a faster time to value and insights. It also will reduce your total cost of ownership to set up and manage your integrations.

At Arxis, we understand that your business has a unique set of requirements for how your data should behave in your ERP and budgeting software. We have deep expertise to enable your company—whatever the size or industry—to meet your data requirements for the most sophisticated and complex scenarios, and ensure success. Contact us today to learn how cloud-based integration can turn your ERP data into a powerhouse of insight to drive your business forward.