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Budget Forecasting: Get a Single Source of Truth with Sage Intacct ERP

Published: 10/5/2017 9:00:00 AM

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What if you could be confident—100% of the time—that your financial data was accurate and actionable? That the numbers you use for collecting and analyzing budget forecasting data were not only relevant, but let you make faster, more agile decisions? The deep integration between Sage Intacct ERP and Adaptive Insights' best budgeting software makes it possible. Instead of getting multiple versions of data from multiple locations, you now have a single source of truth that you can rely on.

Traditionally, CFOs and other finance professionals have relied on email and spreadsheets for gathering budget forecasting data. This method of static planning works only if the unexpected never happens—an unrealistic assumption, to be sure. As a result, decision making is usually slow or based on gut feelings instead of the latest numbers.

Best-budgeting-software-for-active-planningAccuracy is not an option, it’s a must

You need accurate financial reporting to forecast quickly and frequently. All too often that means manually entering it yourself and then trying to validate every calculation. This inefficient process leads to slow decision-making, and relying on spreadsheets and other users means a lack of confidence in the numbers.

Some of the problems you may face include:

  • Integrating data from multiple sources
  • Difficulty tracking which version to use
  • Verifying the data, formulas, and assumptions
  • Locating inevitable errors in spreadsheets
  • Making last-minute updates

Confidence in the numbers leads to faster, data-driven decisions

Key financial and operational data can be automatically transferred from Sage Intacct into your budgeting software.

The key to better decision-making is building trust in the numbers, and getting to accurate financial data more quickly. Relying on spreadsheets only gets you so far to deliver quality, relevant, and actionable data to stakeholders. By using automation to populate your models with the latest data and by making it available to all business managers, you’ll know the data you’re working with is the single source of truth you can trust.

Sage Intacct ERP helps provide that single source of truth. Key financial and operational data can be automatically transferred from Sage Intacct into your budgeting software—ideal for frequently refreshed data. You can schedule updates hourly, daily, monthly, or to run on-demand.


Now your planning and forecasting can be collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous, and you can engage in what is known as active planning. You can:

  • Spend more time analyzing your model and less time creating it
  • Always work with—and get business insights from—real-time data
  • Easily manage models and forecasts across all integrated data sources
  • Have confidence that everyone is working in the same model version
  • Automate data consolidation from all sources
  • Update reports with one click

Arxis Technology: Your single source for business technology solutions

Together, Sage Intacct ERP and budgeting software from Adaptive Insights can give you confidence in your numbers and let you make better financial decisions, faster. And with the experts at Arxis Technology to guide you, getting that single source of truth is easier than you think. Contact us today for help!