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Arxis Technology

Heed the omen: 3 signs professional services should move on from QuickBooks

Sage Intacct News 10/24/2016
Noticing a longer-than-usual monthly close or difficulties with inter-entity transactions is the accounting equivalent of having a black cat cross your path.

'Night of the Living Spreadsheets': Why lumbering manual processes could doom your reporting

Sage Intacct News 10/19/2016
Spreadsheets often spell trouble for efficient reporting

3 terrifying QuickBooks tales to keep you up at night

Sage Intacct News 10/18/2016
What problems does QuickBooks create for your organization? Let's count the ways.

Embracing automation in professional services

Sage Intacct News 10/10/2016
Professional services firms have plenty to gain from accounting automation.

How do non-profits know when it's time to ditch QuickBooks?

Arxis Educates 10/10/2016
Non-profits need to know when it is time to move on from tools like QuickBooks.

Why rev rec changes will hit SaaS companies the hardest

Revenue Recognition Criteria 10/04/2016
SaaS companies face special challenges in adjusting to new rev rec guidance. What can they do to keep up?