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Arxis Technology

Arxis Technology

Legacy accounting systems got you down? Take them to the cloud

Sage Intacct News 09/27/2016
Don't let your legacy accounting systems hold you back. Upgrade to cloud financial software.

Deader than disco: Why spreadsheets can't handle today's budgets

Sage Intacct News 09/22/2016
Excel sheets have tons of limitations. So why do finance teams still use them?

Film Accounting: Key benefits for the entertainment industry from CPM software

film accounting 09/21/2016
CPM software is a feather in the cap of entertainment companies.

What you can do right now to improve contract management

Sage Intacct News 09/20/2016
Contract management is becoming more complex with ASC 606. Here's how to adjust to the big changes.

How to ensure stress-free transition to new rev rec standards

Sage Intacct News 09/13/2016
The transition to new rev rec standard doesn't have to be stressful.

Cloud financial software simplifies SaaS accounting

SaaS contracts are complex entities that require a modern accounting solution.

Why new rev rec standards are really a good thing for businesses

Sage Intacct News 09/06/2016
SMBs can benefit from the new rev rec guidelines, but only with the right tools to manage the transition.