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Arxis Technology

Uncertain about the state of your finances? Try cloud budgeting and forecasting

Adaptive Insights News 06/30/2016
Limited visibility into finances is a widespread problem that can be addressed with cloud budgeting and forecasting software.

Unlocking SaaS metrics: The key is cloud financial software

Cloud Financial 06/30/2016
Metrics reporting: Why SaaS is so different from traditional software.

QuickBooks Alternative: Successfully migrating from QuickBooks to a cloud ERP system

Cloud Financial 06/25/2016
Data cleansing is an important step on the migration path from QuickBooks to cloud ERP.

Visualize your finances and boost your productivity with financial management software

Adaptive Insights News 06/22/2016
Cloud budgeting and forecasting software is like a storyboard for your finances.

Struggling to make a decision? Cloud business budgeting software can help

Adaptive Insights News 06/14/2016
If your professional services firm struggles to make timely decisions, cloud budgeting software may be the ticket.

The revenue recognition transition: Managing the Y2K of the 2010s

Beginning in mid-December 2017 for public companies and a year later for private ones, accounting teams will have to adjust to a fresh set of revenue recognition standards.

What SaaS companies need for revenue recognition

Sage Intacct News 06/07/2016
SaaS companies face a big challenge as they shift to new revenue recognition standards.