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Arxis Technology

Preparing for changes to revenue recognition: Why to use cloud ERP software

Revenue Recognition Criteria 02/25/2016
Revenue recognition has undergone big changes in recent years. How can accountants best prepare for the future of this critical process?

How 'Office Space' makes the case for cloud accounting software

Cloud Computing Trends 02/16/2016
The classic film "Office Space" proves that legacy accounting systems are too risky and costly to maintain for today's businesses. Cloud is a superior option.

How to find just the right 'flavor' when selecting cloud accounting software

Cloud Financial 02/11/2016
Like ice cream, financial software platforms come in many flavors, and there's a lot to consider when choosing the right one.

The entertainment industry and cloud financial management software: A perfect match

The entertainment industry moves quickly. Its rapid pace and need for streamlined finances makes cloud accounting software a top pick.