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Arxis Technology

Why nonprofits should switch to cloud accounting software

non profit accounting 10/29/2015
What can nonprofit organizations do to shore up their financial processes in an increasingly challenging environment? Start with cloud software.

Financial management software makes decision-making easier

Adaptive Insights News 10/27/2015
It's worth thinking about whether simply sticking with what you already have could actually make things more complicated in the long run.

SMBs should make the cloud financial leap and take their accounting to the next level

Cloud Computing Trends 10/20/2015
Switching to cloud financial software can look like a risky proposition from afar, but the real risk is in sticking with outdated tools.

How cloud financial software can break the cycle of expensive accounting

Cloud Computing Trends 10/13/2015
SMBs often struggle to minimize the long-term costs associated with outdated accounting tools. Fortunately, cloud financial software provides the solution.

Why and how businesses use cloud financial software

Cloud Financial 10/05/2015
Cloud computing started as a consumer phenomenon, but businesses have adopted it with increasing speed.

Should your SMB rent or buy its cloud financial management software?

Cloud Computing Trends 10/01/2015
"Rent or own?" is a common real estate question, and one worth asking about financial software, too.