Arxis Technology

Arxis Technology

Looking to Implement Cloud Financial or CPM Software?

Corporate Performance Management Software 09/19/2017
Planning for cloud financial or CPM software implementation is a big step, however, and one that can’t be left to chance

Arxis Named AP Automation Channel Partner Rookie of the Year

AP Automation 09/12/2017
AP automation software, is a game-changer for overworked and overwhelmed accounting departments.

Love your Excel Financial Analysis Report Software? Keep it!

Best Budgeting Software 08/22/2017
5 ways Adaptive OfficeConnect delivers fast, easy, and powerful financial analysis report software for Microsoft Office.

Financial Reporting Software: Solve Your Top 3 Reporting Challenges

Best Budgeting Software 08/17/2017
Connect Company-Wide Financial Data to Deliver Actionable Information with Financial Reporting Software.

Accelerate Your Business with Cloud Financial Management Software

Cloud Financial 08/15/2017
What is cloud financial software or cloud computing, exactly?

Let Intacct Cloud Financial and Salesforce Cloud CRM Do The Heavy Lifting

Cloud Financial 08/08/2017
Cloud financial and Cloud CRM are a perfect marriage of finance and sales: two sides of the customer coin.

Entertainment Accounting: How Legendary Entertainment Streamlined Accounting Processes

film accounting 07/25/2017
If your company provides entertainment accounting or film accounting services you have a lot of decisions to make, for instance how are going to grow?

Best Budget Software: 3 Ways to Enable Active Planning

Best Budgeting Software 07/18/2017
Three qualities you will find in the best budget software to help you move to "active planning."

Better Budget Forecasting For SaaS Companies

Best Budgeting Software 07/13/2017
Better budget forecasting, the market leader in cloud-based forecasting, reporting and business budgeting software.

QuickBooks Alternatives for Revenue Recognition Criteria IFRS 15 and ASC 606

Revenue Recognition Criteria 07/12/2017
Transition to the new revenue recognition criteria IFRS 15 and ASC 606 with ease and with greater accuracy using a Quickbooks alternative like Sage Intacct.

5 Pillars of Nonprofit Accounting Software

non profit accounting 07/05/2017
Nonprofit accounting software allows you track all your financial data in one place to maintain confidence of your stewardship among donors and board members.

New Revenue Recognition Standard:  ASC 606 Not In Your Future?

Revenue Recognition Criteria 06/28/2017
ASC 606 new revenue recognition standard guidelines are designed to standardize contract accounting.

Unique Challenges in Film Accounting Require Unique Technology

film accounting 06/20/2017
Film accounting technology: Capturing data and monitoring the many moving parts of film accounting in media and entertainment businesses aren’t simple.

Transform Budgeting with Professional Services Automation Software

Best Budgeting Software 06/14/2017
Exploring the best budgeting software for professional services automation.

5 Ways Project Accounting Software Gets the Job Done Faster, Better

professional services automation 06/08/2017
Manage multiple projects efficiently with automated project accounting software.